Family Service Sunday

This Sunday, September 24th, we are SKIPPING CHURCH TO BE THE CHURCH!

There will be NO children or youth programs at St. John’s this Sunday. All children/youth and their families are invited to head to Wallis Sands in Rye NH. Here’s our agenda:

  • 9:20AM: Gather early in Thaxter Hall so we can leave on time! (Or skip this and go directly to the beach! We’ll see you there!)
  • 9:30AM: Leave church to caravan to Wallis Sands (If anyone wants to ride the church van, we can fill ‘er up!)
  • 9:45AM: Gather at Wallis Sands in Rye (Parking is free off-season.)
  • 10:00AM: CLEAN THE BEACH from Wallis Sands to Pirate’s Cove
  • 11:00AM: Gather for a Eucharist
  • 11:30AM: Break (Van returns to SJC, if applicable.)

It is supposed to be a sunny, warm day AND the tide will be low, which means lots of room for running around and lots of beach to scan for trash! Feel free to bring a picnic or snacks to share and hang out longer! Its a great time to soak up the last bits of summer together… just don’t leave any trash behind!

We plan to provide first aid supplies, sunscreen, trash bags, and gloves. If you wish to bring any of your own supplies, please feel free to do so.

*Please remember – this is a FAMILY event, not a youth or children’s event. Please plan to have at least one adult from your family join your children.*

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