Family Night at the Haights


We had a great time at the first Family Night with our fellow SJC families! We would love to host a second evening of family fun on Saturday, November 4th. It will be set up similarly to the first one, potluck style from 4:00-6:30PM.

We thought it would be fun to have a “Thanksgiving Warm-Up” theme for the evening. We will roast a turkey and everyone can bring their favorite Thanksgiving side dish. Please feel free to keep it simple – just pick up a pie, cranberry sauce, or bread from the store on your way over! (Or make your grandmother’s recipe for sweet potato casserole… anything works).

PLEASE RSVP and let us know what you’re bringing!

Our address is:
Jen & Justin Haight
7 Newington Road
Greenland NH 03840

GPS should get you here, but feel free to call us if you need any help with directions:
Justin Cell: 970-485-5322
Jen Cell: 970-485-9330

Hope to see you soon,

Jen & Justin Haight

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