Acolytes Bring the Light!

Thank you to everyone who attended the acolyte introduction last Sunday. Students in 4th through 8th grades are invited to sign up to acolyte beginning this Sunday!

CLICK HERE to acolyte at an upcoming service.

Acolyte Training 2.0
November 12 @ 11:15 in the sanctuary

All acolytes and eligible students in 4th thru 8th grade are asked to join us for a 20-minute training (immediately following the service) that will dive a little deeper into the ministry.


  • “Acolyte” comes from a Greek word meaning “attendant”
  • Acolytes have been serving in churches as far back as 252 AD (over 1400 years ago!)
  • Acolytes light the candles on the altar to prepare the church for worship and extinguish them when worship is over
  • Acolytes hold the Gospel book for the deacon or priest
  • Acolytes help set the table for communion


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