Thanksgiving cancelations

Just a friendly reminder for families:

There will be NO youth or children’s programs this week, including Wednesday youth choirs on 11/22 and Sunday morning programs on 11/26. 



  • 3:30-4:25 Cherubs (min. age 4 through age 8)
  • 4:30-5:30 Juniors (Grade 3 and up)
Peach pic
St. John’s Junior Choir & Theater Workshop Crew went out to see some of our High School friends in James and the Giant Peach last weekend at PHS!! Pictured here with Liam Ellis (Lahdalord) and Jane Almeida (ensemble). We were SO PROUD of these guys!!!

For parents of children nursery through 5th grade – please go to the designated page for your child’s grade to find lessons from past weeks! If you don’t make it to church but you want to chat at home, or you want to follow up from what they started in Sunday School, this resource is for you!


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