Welcome 2018

I’m very excited to step forward into a new year together! Here are some quick happenings you should know about for January Sundays!

Sunday, January 7, we will kick off the new year with a Children’s Chapel with Nathan! Please do your best to meet us in the Sanctuary promptly at 9:30! (If you’re late, no worries – just enter quietly, as you would to a normal church service.) There’s a little write up about Children’s Chapels on the Kids Church page, and access to upcoming class-specific lessons on the class pages! (Children’s Chapels are for children PreK through 5th grade & their families.)

Sunday, January 21, is our 9AM Movie Morning in the Philbrick Room. Have any good movie ideas? They have to be rated G or PG to be considered! (Some PG movies are too much for PreK kids.) Last year we watched Mary Poppins and it was so fun! The movie will begin at 9AM and there will be no class because all volunteers and parents are encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting in the Sanctuary from 9-10AM. (Nursery will be open at 8:45AM.)



Our family nights in October and November were so wonderful and I’m ready to put the next one on the calendar! We have two hosts signed up for a spring date and a summer date… now we just need a winter date to get us through! If you would be interested in hosting the next fun family night, please let me know!!! ashleypwade@me.com

Looking for a quick overview of program offerings? Don’t forget to check out the “year-at-a-glance” page where we keep track of all the moving pieces!


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