Why Volunteer

Why volunteer at St. John’s (or anywhere else)?

The following is a testimonial written by Elaine Wilson, active volunteer and community member at St. John’s. Her words come in response to a request for a quote for the Choir School at St. John’s:

The poet asks: “Tell me what it is that you want to do with your one wild and precious life?”

After I retired for the 2nd time and searched for ways to continue a precious life, I heard about a new Choir School organizing at St. Johns—my two favorite things: music and children. They needed volunteers! I offered to go one Tuesday, every other week for two hours. After continuing almost three years, I am there two days a week for about three hours to prepare snacks (anything with cheese or chocolate seems a favorite).

I have learned that the quiet child coming in hesitant to talk, let alone sing, can become giggly and bubbly as she finds a friend to run by her side.
I have learned that rowdy children become leaders at chess or dominoes helping others as they wait for voice, piano, or choir time.
I have learned much more about Stephen Hawking, various islands, Pi Day, young girls fashions, that young boys do not claim fashion but have heard about it, favorite books, movies, and screen time games… but not what they are called.
I have learned and developed deeper old friendships and new fresh friendships with the various volunteers.
I have learned and developed even greater respect for the amazing talents of the choir school leaders, Meg Harper and Ashley Wade and of their teaching ability primed with patience and love.
I’ve learned how to make my heart sing; what to do to continue a wild and precious life; and that VOLUNTEERING is as simple as reaching out to accept a gift given to you………

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