Do you know about Choir School?

How much do you know about The Choir School at St. John’s?

Did you know that the Choir School…
…is a tuition-free after-school music program?
…provides transportation for Portsmouth residents?
…includes individualized instruction on piano and voice?
…is available to any student in grades 3 through 8?
…runs on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, beginning September 18?


We are heading into our 4th year of Choir School, and we are so excited for a year full of community through music.

“My daughter was painfully shy. She had trouble making friends because she was so self-conscious. The transformation we have seen in her is incredible and we are so happy. She will now sing and perform in front of audiences, has joined the musical production at the church, and we no longer think of her as a shy kid; and we are no longer worried about her socially. We are so grateful to the choir school for making this program available to any student.” – Amy-Lynn, mother of a student

choir school 3
Choir School Singers Prepping for a Sunday morning anthem
Recruit Fall 18
Fall Recruitment Poster

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