Service Sunday and Acolyte Training

Service Sunday at Gather

This Sunday at 9:30am will be our first Service Sunday of the program year. We’ll be heading to the house of Todd Hansen, a local architect who uses a wheelchair to help him with some yard work. He is a strong advocate for creating a more accessible world and will share his story with us. We’ll meet in Thaxter Hall at 9:30am and be back by 11:15 for coffee hour and Joanne Ferguson’s retirement party. Wear clothes you can do yard work in!

After the service, there’ll be a training for anybody interested in becoming an acolyte. Any young person in third grade or older can be an acolyte. The commitment is flexible. We hope to schedule each of our acolytes to serve one Sunday a month. If you want to know more about what acolytes do, come to the training and see! The training will be about 20 minutes going. We should be done by 11:45am.

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