All-Ages Service Oct. 7

One Body, Many Parts

An All-Ages Service to Celebrate World Communion & Diversity

Children and youth gathered around the communion table to help Rob and Nathan bless the bread and wine.

This Sunday is part of Columbus Day weekend – a weekend in the fall we all look forward to because we get a day off from school, and a little breathing room after an action-packed September. However, most of us are a little confused about celebrating Mr. Columbus… it has become popular to re-name this day Indigenous Peoples Day. In light of this questioning and the global divisions we seek to make sense of on a daily basis, we wanted to use this holiday weekend in church to create a space for all of us to be drawn together.

Instead of our typical Church School and Youth Group, we will be offering an All-Ages Service, telling the story of The Good Shepherd and World Communion. Through this story we will be reminded of the diversity that we find here at St. John’s, in our community, our country, and our world. We will be reminded that in God’s eyes, we are part of one flock. Please join us for this service to hear the story of the Good Shepherd, a story which celebrates our differences and yet draws us together as one body in Christ.


  • 9:30 Youth and Children Gather in Thaxter Hall
  • 10:00 All-Ages Service (children will sit together with their peers)
  • 11:00-11:30 Cherub Choir in the Philbrick Room

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