Family Night Nov. 11

St John’s Family Nights are Back!

The purpose of Family Night is to welcome one another in our homes and lives beyond Sunday morning. It’s a fun time for both children and adults to hang out and enjoy one another’s company. Sharing food, drinks and fun is the only agenda for these gatherings. Most of the families have little ones, but that is not a requirement for attendance, so everyone should feel welcome to join!


  • When: Sunday, November 11
  • Time: 4-7pm
  • Hosts: Kelly and Jack Boston
  • Address: 465 Cutts Ave, Portsmouth
  • Contact (for questions or directions) Kelly Cell: (603) 205-0373
  • Dinner: Chili
  • What to bring: beer, wine, any side dish, desserts, veggie tray, fruit tray, chips, etc.


  • January 12th or 13th
  • Hosts: TBD

Family Nights are usually held from 4-7, but it’s a very casual “drop in” situation, so families should come and go whenever it works best for them. The meals are pot luck style, so if you cook or bake something amazing to share we will love it! If you show up with wine and an open bag of chips, we will also love it 😊

The host families rotate, so if you’re interested in hosting a family night, let us know- we’d love to put you on the calendar!

Lilliana, Nora, and Maetta prepare to dash across the Philbrook’s yard after successfully extracting a donut from the string during our last Family Night.

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